I must put this out here

What makes a foolish man contend with words? What has thine words doeth?

Allow for me to dispel a myth. A sz man walks into a gun store finds the gun model he wants. Passes the background check. Even goes before the probate judge and legally receives his permit. Now I ask does this man make himself better than the likes of those who are incompetent to possess firearms?

Is it worth it at all to compete with words when an argument is endless?

if a person needs a gun to make them feel like a man…perhaps they need to re-think the definition of a man.
take care :alien:


I need a gun.

Not to feel like a man though, whatever that means.

I need it for some skeet shooting, and any nessecary hunting i must do.

But mainly for the skeet shooting and awesome gun related competitions you can do.

And oh yes, to defend myself from murderers and stuff.


a lightsaber has a certain amount of honour to it…
take care dark :alien: and his dark apprentice darth bunny :rabbit:


guns are for losers :gun:

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Misintrpret however losers are those who didn t have a gun in a gun battle. That makes more sense than guns are for losers.

Guns are not for those who are afraid of themselves. It takes a special kind of responsibilitlty about ones self to responsibly own a gun.

Define ‘better’. One who is better in a single category does not make them better as a whole.

And arguing is a way to share knowledge and equalize both sides. Most people ignore this and just assume the person with the opposing opinion is wrong. They don’t take their view into consideration let alone acknowledge it.

I would say it’s not what you own, but how you use it that sets one apart.


I don’t own a gun. That is good. I would have blown my brains out several times already.

You can’t own a gun in Sweden without a license. And if you are mentally ill you won’t get the license.

I think it would be irresponsible to buy a gun if you had schizophrenia if you had out of control hallucinations or didn’t have a stable situation. On the other hand I appreciate my right to buy a gun. I know my limits for the most part. I choose not to buy one because I haven’t been properly trained and I have no use. I don’t believe in killing and I don’t want to hunt, although I might try it sometime. I’m very much pacifist but I still believe in self-defense if its warranted. If I lived in an area where I needed a gun I would want to know how to use one, but I would never like to have one unless absolutely necessary or if I felt like I had it secured unloaded and locked up. I don’t want to buy one yet but I may in the future actually. I might buy a small gun for self defense if I learn how to use it right. I also do enjoy target practice.

I’ve thought this over many times, and often I come to the conclusion that having a gun is more dangerous often than not. But maybe for defense I will keep one in a safe at my house? It would have to be completely locked and the key with me at all times. But if you’re walking down the street carrying a gun for protection, in my case, I would probably be safer not carrying a gun in case the guy grabbed it.

So I’ll probably never get one and there was a shooting near my brother’s school which makes me even less likely to support firearms, esp without full background checks.

I define better as a person being more competent. When your better you have a reputation of taking your meds consitently for years. Incompetence are those who cannot

Maybe for you but arguing for me with another grown man those two testosterones will clash fight becomes only equalization in which you speak of. Thats why i avoid arguments.

Just a thought, really in my experience its common sense to not blow your brains out with. How mentally incompetent do you have to be blow your brains out i call that lack of control.

I might need a gun in the future - not to feel like a man, but for self protection.

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In a lot of ways that is definitely losing control. Although in others, it can be gaining control assuming it’s a decision not made on impulse or raw emotion. As in, it becomes the last decision that you made steering your life down a (very short) path that you chose.

Mental incompetence can also be the reason, not just the means.

Common sense does not apply while psychotic and depressed.

Common sense isn’t as common as it should be.


The point is comatose in recovery is to not be
Psychotic or depressed. I am saying there is a stigma surrounding everyones sanity, or moral good character who should and who may own a firearm.

The reason as mention above for self defense is good. You allow yourself to walk around without fear. Another one is for hunting. Or sporting.

I am encouraging proper firearm use for certain sz because i believe they are well responsible to handle themselves. And if we as sz can handle ourselves and build a reputation of responsible citizens. It may clear much stigma. Remember we are in it for the good. There are criminals and some criminals are not criminals just because they have sza. A

Real criminal are those who use guns improperly. I doubt many people who have passed background checks attained their permits have done anything you call criminal with a firearm. Protecting 1st and 2nd amendmant rights we must exercise or else goverment tyranny remains present.

Its not much important to dwell in the moment because thru out our days we look at the bigger picture our purpose at life. We want what is best for our families we need to stay sane and not abuse substances because abuse causes illnesses. Good day think what you may.