2 things many people just don't seem to get

  1. Death is inevitable
  2. Guns kill

People sort of grasp the second one in a way but still don’t really fully understand the power of a gun. Any others that u find people just can’t fully grasp their heads around

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I live in a competitive city and I’m not a competitive person. One thing I wish people would be more mindful of is that we’re all in this together.


I don’t think people can truly understand what a gun can do to another until they’ve either experienced it themselves or seen what can come after a gun is abused. I am not a big fan of guns by any means. I find them too powerful for the human mind to understand. What do you think?

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I’ve owned firearms, and I also went through all the training. I think that is what too many people are too foolhardy about. It takes a lot of mindful practice to really train your brain to automatically do certain things at all times, like

  1. Always check if a gun is loaded or not before picking it up.
  2. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction
    And so on and so forth.

I grew up in a culture that has a very no-nonsense take on human nature and history. Sinister people do not obey laws. Governments become tyrannical. Our government can’t even manage the “war on drugs” they are not going to keep criminals from getting firearms, either. So we take the right to have self-defense very, very seriously, and that includes at least having the same level of weaponry as violent criminals.

But that same culture I grew up in also didn’t ■■■■ around when it came to safety and respect. Guns were not “cool”. Guns were powerful and deserved the utmost respect in handling and ownership. Any jack@ss who thought he was going to get drunk and shoot some beer cans was regarded as just that - a jack@ss.

I see your point, and agree with the statements you made defending the right to bare arms. I trust guns with responsible people who have gone through the training. I wouldn’t trust myself with a gun ever though. Plus, I think I can’t legally own one -_-. I think that goes for a few of us on this site.

I live close to an area that has about a shooting every other day. There is a lot of gang activity near Oakland and Stockton and a lot of violence is gun related. I wish some of the people in this area had the same value of safety and respect. Maybe one day…

I gave up my firearm a few years ago after I had what seemed to be a psychotic episode. I didn’t lose my right to own it, and man I did love that thing, was a S&W 357 Magnum, even had a laser grip. Had an amazing feel to it, heavy and comfortable and the recoil wasn’t bad at all. I felt safer sleeping know it was near my bed, too. But I also knew I was getting bad paranoia and rage problems, and I lived with family members. I had to decide whether I loved them enough to get rid of it and play it safe, and I did. I still feel like it was a personal decision, though. I think the people have it in them to think of others will. I think nefarious people will find ways around the laws. Just a part of life.

idk what my two would be?

  • potatoes and
  • germs

potatoes are unfathomable in their nature thus are impossible to ‘get’ unless you mean get as in going to the market and picking them up but other than that, yes, totally unfathomable.

the other is germs

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I think you learn to appreciate them when you live about an hour away from any sort of armed police response and you may need to defend yourself. I don’t see guns as the problem, I see idiots as the problem. Let’s ban them first. I’ll wager the problem with misuse of guns dwindles alongside the idiot population.


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