I must be hard to live with

The kid sis came out of her room this morning an asked me to finish my story.
What story? What is she talking about???

She said that I woke her up a 1:00 a.m and started telling her a story about one of my voices and then half way through… I just walked away. Then I woke her up again at 2:30 am and started telling her a story about some of my more unsavory actions when I was homeless then half way through waked away again.

At first I thought she was dreaming the whole thing but when she started relaying what I said… It was an incident that I never told anyone about.

I do have a problem with sleep walking… But now this??? Maybe if I wrote this stuff down somewhere and got it out of my head it would help… Or it might refresh the memory and come screaming back into vivid clarity. Who knows.

that is strange. I don’t think you’re hard to live with, J. I wouldn’t mind a bit if I were your kid sis. I’m sure she doesn’t mind either, otherwise, she would not have come to live with you. :smile:


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I have a problem with sleep walking and talking too. It’s been my experience that I do these when something is weighing heavily on my mind. It’s also been my experience that secrets and repressed memories WILL ALWAYS find their way out of your head.

It might be helpful to write these things down or talk them out with your therapist. He or she can guide you through it in a safe, positive manner.

Also, are you having a peak in positive or negative symptoms? Just checking to make sure you’re ok.



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Thank you for the ideas.

I’m not feeling like I’m going through anything…
Wouldn’t it be weird if I’m worrying over things going well for a change?

I like the idea of just writing it out. I would feel bad about laying all this ugly past on my poor therapist. But better her then my kid sis at 1:00 a.m. That kid is so patient. She looked so tired this morning and she has two huge pre-finals today.

I’m glad to hear that you’re ok! I always try to be mindful of people’s symptoms.

I think writing it out is a great idea. I’ve heard you say that you write better than you talk. So this is a good avenue of expression for you. I just thought it might be more calming to do it with a therapist, just in case the memories trigger you.

And try not to feel guilty about your sis. You had no control over the situation. You were operating completely in the subconscious. That’s completely out of your control. So don’t feel bad about it bud.



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Thank you for the suggestion.
That’s the route I’m thinking of going for getting some of the past history out of my head. That subconscious is amazing.

Once I woke up to my favorite candy all over my kitchen and my bed was completely wet. The kid sis said, I walked to the corner store in the rain, just took a whole bunch of coffee toffees off the shelves and walked out. The kid sis paid for them. That’s when I started going to a therapist more often.

I’m getting better about not letting myself get too worked up about living with the kid. Waking her up and telling half a story is seriously the mildest thing I’ve done to her in this life. I always wonder how she sees her very odd life with me. She’s still here. Lucky for me.

my wife reminded me just then that she had to put a chair and any other furniture she could physically move against the front door and double lock it, wow i do not remember stuff she has to remind me, thank fully she says i was always in my pyjamas , wow she just told me i got out of the front door a couple of times, man i really do not remember anything ! i am glad she is a light sleeper !

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I recall a few times walking around town after 2 AM, but I slept in my clothes and boots back then, so it wasn’t easy to figure out if I was supposed to be in bed or not.
No one ever bothered me, not with all the surveillance anyway, it’s not always bad to be watched.

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wow, that is amazing , compared to you and J i look like an amateur !
take care

Well, mine was always when my then (ex-husband) was out of town for an extended time, which was at least every month, he was gone more than home.
I was so isolated, no one called, stopped by, time kinda lost all meaning and I would get tired of the (?) people-had no Idea who they were, who would be inside my house. They never interacted with me and always remain just within sight. Still wondering why they were picking on me.