Getting to the bottom of my problems with help TW: sexual assault

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Okay so I now have an awesome therapist, she’s kinda new to the therapy game, but she’s awesome! Lately I’ve been having memories coming up and they aren’t good. I remember being scared of the room at my father’s house he had after the divorce, specifically the bed, I also remember being scared to fall asleep… I also remember him saying how nice my breast were and tickling my inner thigh and I can’t remember much else yet so I think maybe he sexually assaulted me when I was younger and to top it off my mom says it would make sense to the behavior I had back then and why I was so scared back then… I hate to think this but it is possible…


I’m sorry you went through that, @Twialine. (hug) :purple_heart:

In my experience, I remembered more and more of the trauma I went through, the more I talked about it. At first, the details were forgotten, well… not forgotten, but suppressed, pushed so far down that I couldn’t recall them.

But the more times that I talked about the trauma, the more details I remembered. And I think that talking about it over and over, is what helped me to heal.

Good luck with your new therapist!! It’s always great to find one who is a good match for you.


You can cover this with your therapist, but I recommend that you don’t rush into it. Take your time with your therapist. One thing you might consider is the chance that she might get reassigned to a different patient while she is treating you. But she might be just what you need to work through all these emotions.

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I experienced sexual trauma as a child which I still vividly remember. I do believe that childhood trauma should be acknowledged, but that it doesn’t run your life. That gives the predators victory. You don’t want that. If you can, try not to let it trouble you, and realize that you are now in a loving place in your life, with people who no longer cause you trauma. And live your life the way you want to. Don’t let bad stuff in your childhood keep you from having a good life now. The scars will run deep, but that’s what make you a warrior and a survivor.

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@Blossom thanks… I honestly never know what to say when they say I’m sorry something happened to me… I usually say it’s okay it is what it is

@crimby I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m flipped to someone else… It’s happened a lot in just the past two years but I’ll let her help me while she can and be grateful for what she can do

@oolaloola it’s tough realizing what happened and dealing with it… I’m trying though and feeling better… I’m also less mad… A nice change actually

@Blossom @crimby @oolaloola I actually blocked my father and his family… I don’t want anything to do with them… They are all very toxic and very much negative… They aren’t open to anything and my grandma won’t stop sending religious stuff every day even though I have asked her not to several times… I’m done with all of them I just wanna move on from them and grow

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