I miss sex but I don't want lubrication products in me

I think they are not good for me.
All those chemicals going into my body every other day or so,
And I don’t often get wet for very long time so that is why I would need lubrication products, especially with condom usage.

Maybe it is because of a psychological reason that I do not get wet for long?..probably,…?

I also have a fear of my inner labia stretching and becoming irritating in my underwear. it may sound like a minor thing but it really is not,…


Didn’t you start a thread about oversharing?

Just sayin… :wink:

i used to think that i could use coconut oil as a lubricant it is more natural

but i don’t want my vagina absorbing coconut oil either because i don’t trust it

oh sorry,is this oversharing? :woman_facepalming:

A water based lubricant should be okay.

You could always spit in your hand and use saliva to moisten.

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i don’t know if i can trust those tbh

that is a possibility,will research if that has been successful for people.

Oils, and things like vasaline and aquaphor are only good for anal. Only water based lubricants should be used for vaginal.

I’ve single handedly done a ton of research on it and it has been very successful


There are organic lubricants you might feel safer using.

i don’t know, it is still scary because i did look one up i was close to using it but i looked up the ingredients and it was not always the best of news,thanks though for the suggestion,

i can imagine with time as new innovative products come out, the products will further improve

why should oil based not be used there?

i used to use crap like vaseline ugh those were the days

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They cause yeast infections. They can also damage condoms, allegedly.


Get the ■■■■ out of here before I Kamae Maea your ass. :joy:jk​:+1:

I don’t know what the solution is.

have you ever used spit for lubrication?

sorry if that is too private,…don’t need to answer

I’m not sure if you’re asking me… But yes. It’s effective, but not as much as a water based lube.

i was asking @Enlightenedbeing but the more people’s reviews the better,

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ok. i hope there will be people left on earth that i can relate to who don’t reject me :woman_facepalming:

i think you are kidding, but anyways just felt like saying,…

there is a chance you are not kidding :confused:

sorry if i made you uncomfortable