I miss having a job....does anybody else miss having a job as well

I miss having a job, does anybody else miss having a job as well.


I miss working. I miss making friends and helping people. I miss having something productive to do.


Yes I miss working
I would love to have a job to go to


Depends on the job I miss cooking even though it didn’t pay very well


Sorry if i sound lazy - but i havent worked in almost 27 years. My full time job, is managing my mental health wellness.

No chance i will work again. Im lucky to be “in the nhs system” and written off.

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I miss having a job. I really want financial independence…

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I miss having money… Having a job??.. Not so much

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No. I don’t miss having a job. I was really miserable in the last one I had. I maybe only enjoyed working for a total of six years before I came down with SzA/Sz.

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I have a full time job and it’s stressful even though it pays well. I sometimes think about quitting and looking for something easier to do.

I am a naturally lazy person and not very energetic (I was like this before the illness too). But doing absolutely nothing is depressing in the long run.

Same with me.

I have not worked much in my life.

Longest time I held a job was one year and that was like a hour a week.

I am happy to not be working.

I volunteer a little sometimes.

Managing my self is enough work otherwise.

I have enjoyed working so it’s not like I never enjoyed it.

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Yeah ive been called a lazy arsehole - especially when i used to prop up a bar most days. And im actually better off than my twin brother whos working.

But people dont get our MI, they assume, at least here that you got a hustle on the benefits system, and you dont really need it.

I used to work my arse off doing 55 hour weeks as a care assistant - and before that working for the local council - so its not like ive ever not worked.

Brain simply cant handle it anymore lol :smiley: @SacredNeigh7

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I miss working at Walmart sometimes.

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No. Not in the slightest. I was always doing menial work. It was hard and not very rewarding.

I’m on a pension now and have been since 2004. I do constructive things by volunteering a couple of days a week. That is good enough for me and I have no regrets. I like my life.

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