I made a huge mistake

I tipped at the local coffee shop… BUT got carried away. I now suspect giving increases dopamine bc I also found myself almost caving in on a great nicotine ‘quit’ I have going.

But now I’m worried my mom is gonna find out.

I already have a (christ- type) delusion and feel a little less safe than I did before this gesture.

Tipping is hard for me!


I had a Christ type illusion too. I think a lot of people with sz find some connection to God


Over-tipping for a cup of coffee doesn’t sound like a huge mistake to me.

How much did you tip by the way?

Enough to delight expectations in my absurd way… I want to leave it at that.

I mean well I switched to the local place and I guess I have self esteem issues bc I refer to it as gathering smiles.

But I know or atleast think so much that I know it’s dad issues. He never smiles my way, I can never thrill or surprise or delight him.

I had 3 or so dreams now about my dad in the past 10 days so… I need to make a life change.

Thanks to you three for responding so far

Is it hard because you are people pleaser or what they call an easy sell? Or are you saying you are a bad topper? That would be hilarious if you were saying that.

I always tip. Walmart grocery is the only company that will deliver groceries to my address. It’s a poor, crime-ridden neighborhood in the downtown. I also tip Uber drivers for picking me up too.

Do you patronize the coffee shop? Do they recognize you? I just hope the waitress doesn’t get her hopes up about your returning.

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Thanks for saying something. She was a blood relation to the owner. I told her to give it to her people. I also told her I’d be patronizing the place more in the future and talked about Main Street and small business?and things like that.

My goodness, you really did outdo yourself.

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I needed it in a way… but I’m prob gonna let it go. It doesn’t make sense for me to say I’m questioning my safety and then be a blabber mouth online.

Was not trying to start a measuring contest I’ll say lastly.

Incidentally, I’m glad you kept up the quitting nicotine. Your priorities were in the right place.

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Thank you and yes I’m saving money and that was (thank goodness) an objective type factor here.

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Tipping is hard for me because I don’t want to tip inappropriately.

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Very rarely tip here. People get paid a living wage so don’t need tips, youre certainly not expected too

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