Too much coffee

Oops I drank double strength coffee this morning and started hallucinating. I’m so annoyed that I did that! Have shovelled in all my PRNs and feel scared. Tomorrow should be ok.

Will never make that mistake again.

Anyone else done something dumb like that? I can’t leave the house I’m so shaky.


I get that way if I ever get an energy drink…no more !! ha it’s not dumb…you just shouldn’t do that I guess…ha


Haha I know! It was hardcore and let me tell you there were no signs of constipation :rofl::rofl:

Never again!


I haven’t hallucinated from caffeine but it sure does add pointless mental stress, affects your sleep, nothing positive about it! I stopped drinking Pepsi MAX because the caffeine made me feel uncomfortable.


When i drink too much coffee i have to brush my teeth every hour I’ve been known to brush up to 8 times sometimes more but i drink wayyyyy to much coffee


Sometimes I get jittery when I drink too much coffee.

Usually I can handle quite a lot.


I drank an iced coffee from Scooters coffee today and let me just say I know why they call it Scooters now LOL

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I used to have two coffees a day and then 4 cans of Pepsi max! Then I went to the dentist and the acid in the Pepsi had stuffed my teeth, luckily she fixed them.

So I haven’t had soft drinks for 3-4 years.

With high doses of APs, I find the right dose of coffee gets me working out and functional.

But yesterday I think I had the equivalent of 8 cups at once :face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye:


I can handle a small pot of coffee in the morning

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I’m glad you’re feeling better now. I can’t have too much caffeine either.

My max is about 200 mg per day

I never had a problem from too much coffee even when I drank a few cups of Death Wish coffee with 1,200mg of caffeine but years ago I took 2,000mg of caffeine pills and couldn’t stop throwing up and had to go to the hospital.


Hahahahahahahaha! 15151515

Death wish coffee wow :exploding_head: why did they name it that sounds dangerous lol

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Yeap, coffee can affect badly… :confused:
I drink too much still, cause its occupying me…
But its dehydrating at least, can make my heart jumping too if i didnt move enough around it, which is often, i can get overexcited by it too, yeap…
Be careful, monitor it.
Am usually quite stoned not only from the meds, but my sz is like this, so i take still lots of coffee, but i shouldnt ignore (as i do it still), when it affects my health lol…
I plan to reduce it once i get more occupied etc, mhm…
Huggies :smiling_face: :hugs: :hugs:

I took 2 caffeine pills at once a couple times, mainly cuz I forgot that I took 1 and took another 1 right after.

Not a good feeling.