Too much Coffee

I have had far too much coffee today. Caffeine in coursing through my veins brings out my ADDishness and well…don’t worry I’ll crash.

I can feel the crash a’ coming.

It’s more of a sad little lilting sigh compared to any crash one should be concerned about though.

Imagine the task of my pdocs back when I was literally crazy discerning the ADD from the SZ let alone accepting that a lot of it was just who I was in the first place???

I cut down my coffee intake by about 2 cups, so now I drink about 2 big cups

I drink about 1-2 coffee mugs a day. Usually black, not strong. Maybe a little milk.

I drink about a pot of strong coffee each day.

I used to consume 6-8 cups of Nescafe, but now almost zero.

Replaced it with milk tea, and most of the time full cream milk.

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Are you taking your meds?

Who me?

Yeah dude calm down. Can’t a fellow have a little ADD fest now and then?

I drink ■■■■ loads of caffeine but not as much as I was before I had my psychotic break

I drink two pots of coffee a day, but that’s down from three pots of coffee a day and I’m working my way down to just a pot in the morning. I don’t like all the fat gram intake creamer gives me, and I recently started to finally lose weight so I am trying harder…

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Yeah, I wanted a cup of coffee at 11 AM today. I knew it was folly. My brain was mega ADHD today. I can’t help myself, I love real coffee. I was on decaf only for months. I came to hate decaf because the taste is different. Paying the price still now! It’s 10 to 8where I am. I called myself a dummy.

Yeah I spend half the day taking caffiene and the second half coming down for bed time. I’m sort of an addict but I’ve got plenty of time to kill.

I rarely take in enough caffeine to cause a noticeable effect but I’ve definitely been down the two or three pots a day road. When I do happen to drink my weight in coffee it can, rarely does, but can trigger an emotional high similar to any other stimulants effect on me. I’ll feel talkative, giddy and full of myself for a little while until I come down and then I just feel my usual somber self.

But then I can get the same feeling and rush out of natural things too like good times and goofing off or when I’ve shared a little of my world with another human being for a change with positive results…high on life.

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I’ve never been a fan of coffee. I love mountain dew though. I only have one of those a week since sugar is not my friend. Or maybe it is better to say it is too much a friend with my giant butt. I probably look forward to my mountain dew day more than I should.

I’ve consumed so much caffeine that it has no effect on my anymore. I decided that the way I drink coffee it would be simpler and easier just to take caffeine pills. I take two 200 mg pills a day.

I was in excess of twenty cups a day when I quit caffeine about four years ago. Now I’m under 15 cups a day of decaf. I’m certain that I’m addicted to dairy as well as caffeine.

When my routine is broken, for example when traveling or when hospitalized, addictions become a trouble.


I’m finding that cutting back the cigarettes is easier then cutting the coffee…

Everyone can tell when I’ve had too much coffee. I get silly, pondering… mind wandering, off topic and random…

There is a spot on the top right side of my brain that feels fuzzy after my third cup in the morning… and I hate to admit it, but at times… I like the feeling.

I have cut my caffeine intake by only drinking one cup of coffee each day. I take it in the morning, right after I taking my Amisulpride.

I need caffeine to function, I can drink tons and then go to sleep, its sort of frustrating. The other day I had a big mug which is two cups in the morning, a double shot of espresso a few hours later, then a monster energy drink. I then took a nap on the couch. Yesterday afternoon I drank a monster and took a nap on the couch again. This morning I woke up after like 4 or 5 hours of sleep and feel awake, also have a case of silly brain.

I really hate when I wake up early, it makes me feel funny in the head and apparently I act strange when I dont sleep enough, according to other people. Like a little psychotic. Just a little.

I have silly brain right now. I dont care about school, like seriously I just don’t care, I dont have my normal anxiety, which makes me feel dis-inhibited, and I just want to eat and sleep and be stupid. The ice bucket challenge seems like a fine idea in this state.

But then again I am so normal the vast majority of the time that I just accept silly brain days. I tell my professors about my diagnosis, usually bring a doctors note, and explain that some days I am not normal but most of the time I am stable. I had like three silly days last semester, one involved waking up wide awake at 3am and watching anime for like nine hours before going to class. Whoa I felt funny that day. One was a bad silly day, like a couldnt-focus silly day, and the other was narcolepsy day, I drank two cups of coffee and a redbull and still couldnt keep my eyes open and my head up for more than five minutes. My professors didnt care, they asked me if I was alright and I just said “I’m ok.” They noticed me because I made really good grades and figured I was used to coping with schizophrenia, which is accurate.

Like today- I have silly brain, didn’t sleep enough and am trying to make myself sleepy so I can take a nap and wake up normal. If I dont feel sedated after breakfast and meds, I will have to go lift weights, which always makes me sleep well. I really should just go lift weights today anyways, I skipped yesterday and that might be why I didnt sleep well.

Im talking too much.