I’m through with iPhones

I checked out my aunts android phone and I like it better than my iPhone 6S.
She has a Samsung Galaxy J7 and I found out that my cell phone provider sells it!

It’s also less expensive than my iPhone.

I have 45 days to return my phone and switch for another one.

I just may go back to android.

So sick of iPhones.


Woa. Why the change of heart ? What’s so bad about iphones ?


I love iPhones. I prefer them to androids. I like the UI, the battey life, the fact that it doesn’t come preloaded with all these apps no one wants (like yellow pages), the fact that it’s harder to smudge the screen, and I like apple music.

iPhones are fine but I’m just getting tired of them.
They are a bit boring and predictable.

You can do so much more with androids.

My first couple of phones were androids.

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I like iPhones because they’re more secure. My friend works for the NSA and they all use iPhones because androids are so hackable.


Yes. Go android :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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I forgot about that.

Now you got me thinking.
I’m starting to be confused about it.
I mean there is nothing really wrong with my iPhone.

Which kind of iPhone do you own @ninjastar?

An android convert yahoooooooooooooo yay team android :flushed:


Pixel 2 is pretty cheap right now maybe consider the option if it’s there and see what you think

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6s but it’s starting to have trouble keeping up with the updates. Or maybe it’s just having trouble because the memory is almost full. I have 30 gigs of just music.

I’m going to get the next new one that comes out, probably.

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No my cell phone provider doesn’t sell the pixel phones but I can buy it somewhere else and they would connect me with a SIM card.

I just purchased 3 iPhone XRs (me, girlfriend, mom). I like them. Battery life is good, camera is good, facial recognition is easy to set up and works great, Siri is also personally voice activated (only responds to my voice), I could go on and on. Great phone.

Also, unlike other tech giants (hello Google), Apple doesn’t sell your info. In fact, they protect your info. Apple has refused to unlock iPhones even when requested by the FBI.

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Is the XR a big phone?
I owned a 7 plus and that phone was too big.
Is the XR smaller than the 7 plus.

I’m considering buying the XR.

Which colors did you get @anon17132524?

I think it’s 6.1 inches (not sure what the 7 plus is). It sells for about $750, but you may be able to pay your carrier over 24 months with no interest. I have black, and the other two are coral. .

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Sounds like it’s smaller than the 7 plus which is good.

Black is cool and I like the coral color.

Good luck with your phones @anon17132524.

Thanks for the info!

I’m seriously considering it!

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The XR is still sort of big. For the smaller size phone you would want the X or the XS. I had the exact same issue. I had an 8 plus and it was way too big so I sold it and got the X. I’m much happier with the size now.

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I don’t know if you guys really like apple or they’re just good

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It’s my favorite fruit :apple:


I prefer Android