I got a new smartphone

Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018).
My second ever smartphone. It cost 170€.
The screen is taller than my last one.
Seems to do all it needs.


My new smartphone is nothing but a pain in the ass. The most confusing, arbitrary, maddening phone I’ve ever had. I think the company that makes my new phone must be sponsored by hell. I think if I give them my soul they might teach me how to check my voicemail.


I’m currently using my new Samsung too!

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I’m almost up on my plan and I want to get a Google pixel. I’m not sure if they are any good.

I just bought the new iPhone XR!
I love it so far!

Thanks for the recommendation @anon17132524!



Congratulations !

Have you set up facial recognition (unlocking phone) and voice recognition (Siri)? Battery life is excellent. Camera is very good, and it can face forward if you want.

I’m glad you like it.

You can swipe down from the top right to get music, calculator, camera, etc.

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Thanks @anon17132524!

I got everything set up!

Thanks again!

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I looked at youtube reviews comparing all the phones

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@anon80629714 has one. I want one to in the future. A friend’s if mine has one XLR I think. He’s satisfied with it


I switched to pixel from an iPhone. I’d never go back to iPhones. I am in love with pixel. I have pixel 3.


Great. You are mobile again (an upgrade).
Wish you lots of joy with it.

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