I’m scared that one day I’ll become full blown psychotic

Since my doc said it can happen…

Much less likely if you’re on meds.


yeah ill stay on meds


one of the catches, though no one has ever told me this, is prolonged use of meds, changes the brain so profoundly,
that after a month or two without them,
Yeah, bam! psychosis.


The problem they’re attempting to solve as I understand it, is an over abundance of dopamine in some parts of the brain. So it wouldn’t surprise me that a break would happen after those paths open back up and a build up occurs.

Will I become delusional if I quit clozapine?

Well, the pdoc has given it to you for a reason… which is most likely psychosis… quitting will cause it.

I wanna see if im truly psychotic or not

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Your call…

delusions are not precipitated by real life events. Schizophrenia is a thought disorder, where you make something out of nothing, in a grand scale.
does this describe you?

I don’t have sz

Neither do I but coming off them backfired, but its up to you what you do, it doesn’t effect me but it will cause you more harm than good. you mgiht need a higher dose than before if you really do become psychotic again.

no, I didn’t mean to say I’m a doctor or anything, but I am concerned that many young one never get a diagnosis.

What do you mean exactly?

well, what I’ve heard on NPR is many youths have certain either suicide ideation or symptom pre-cusor to what might be coming later. They don’t know what to do with them.

Going to sleep soon

you know, you can’t think, it just happens.

you seem to overthink.

Why overthinking?

@Crystal-Cotton , you’re going in circles again.

What do you mean?