Do you ever get tempted to stop taking meds?

I don’t.

I have been very self destructive at times. But stopping meds would be an atomic bomb to my life.

I think that’s why I continue taking AP’s.


I sometimes feel like stopping meds because I hope I’ll feel this good off meds.


I think it might be natural to stop some times in the early stages before a full acceptance has taken place. You want to know for sure so you’re not becoming a druggie for no reason.


Yeah. You’d think a schizophrenic shouldn’t be off their meds.

That’s probably an obvious one to people without psychosis.

Strange how that’s a tough one for so many people afflicted with sz.


They are pretty devestating drugs. Absolutely no one would take drugs like this unless they absolutely have to.

People who don’t have psychosis can’t even imagine how bad it is.


Yeah, but I know how important they are in controlling potential relapse.


I don’t even notice I’m on meds anymore. I think I’m just so used to it after 10 years.

Also, I wasn’t force fed medication. I checked myself into the hospital when I first started medication. I think that’s partially why I function so well Is because I have an ‘awareness’ that something isn’t right with me. And I think it’s psychosis. I’m pretty fortunate to have that kind of insight.


Yes. Better drugs than psychosis.


Me too. I’ve taken drugs for so long I forgot how it is to have a normal functioning brain.

I got some of the feeling back when I went off meds in the beginning. There would be a window between going off drugs and when I went back in psychosis. But it’s not worth it, so I don’t do it anymore.


I definitely do. I’ve flushed my meds down the toilet several times.


I have before but not any more



I Have A Slight Disagreement.

To Say There Is Something Not Right With Yourself, Unless You’re A Danger To People.

Doesn’t Make Much Sense To Me.

I Am Personally The Most Non Offensive Individual On The Planet But I Don’t Fit In With Culture.

Usually There Is Always Something Offended By My Stance On Almost Every Issue.

N e Hoo.

The Med’s Have A Positive Affect On My Initial Perspective Of Not Feeling In Danger.

Sadly, My Acute Instincts Can Sense Some Sort Of Danger Very Clearly.

And The Fight Or Flight Response Always Gets In The Way Of Shrugging My Shoulders.

And Ignoring The Nonsense Of Ignorance And Absolute Meaninglessness.

So. To Say Something Is Not Right With Yourself Seems Illogical.

Unless You’re Responses Lean Towards Violence In All Reality.

Ya’know (???).

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. The Orbital Compass~ ‘YouTube’. (0.1) (0.2) <—It Matters To Me—> (0.3) (0.4)

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It is tempting, but if I did I would end up in the hospital. :turkey::turkey::turkey:

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Yeah, but I used to be tempted to jaywalk on the freeway and get in the cage with Kimbo Slice too. There’s just some things you don’t do.

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In all honesty, I think about stopping them every now and then. But I know that I shouldn’t.

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Every time I get new medication i feel like not taking my meds but then my mom comes and convinces me.


Ya I do. I have moderate (feels worse) cogntive decline and deficits and I automatically think I’ll improve off less meds. It’s a mixed result. I do better on meds. I’m staying on meds this time. I have to learn how to deal with life with less, I guess.

My memory and attention sucks especially verbal and auditory. But I haven’t had experience with mechanical stuff and I’m learning how to be mechanically inclined…

I’m more stable and have less delusions and thoughts about delusions on higher doses of meds.

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Ouch I feel for you bro!

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Yes I’m not sz though so it is less of a difficult thing to influence my pdocs to approve of. Not sure if I should though…

That’s great that you know not to stop it because you feel you know how it would make you be!

Whatever works best for you.

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No. I’ve always trusted doctors and it’s worked out ok. Even rabidly psychotic I’d take the pills. Just don’t think about not taking any of them now as I know they help me function. It’s like allipuranol for goat. Miss that you know about it so my psych meds are like my physical meds. It’s not an issue for me.

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