I’m heartbroken

My friend doesn’t want to be friends anymore. Over the past month he’s been feeling like I don’t prioritise him, and he told me he doesn’t want that kind of people in his life.
Told me not to call him, not even when I need help. Removed me from Facebook. Won’t see me or listen to what I have to say.

I know a lot of you don’t like him, but he was my best friend and I’m absolutely heartbroken I won’t get to see him or talk to him anymore.

I know I’m gonna need time to heal. But right now it sucks and my mood is low.


Doesn’t sound like a true friend anyways.


You’ll get over it and in time you’ll wonder why you ever were friends with him. It sounds like the Stockholm syndrome from some of the things you’ve already said.

I’m sorry you’re feeling low because of the situation though.


what a selfish turd. sorry about your friend nova.


He’ll be back next time he needs money. Again.


As soon as you cut back on money he runs. No one here likes him because from the things you describe he is using and abusing you


Don’t be a victim.
Your better off without him.


I don’t have much to contribute other than that you’re better off without him. He really did you a favor.

I’m told that even abuse is better than a void. So make sure you do things to fill the void. Good luck. We’re rooting for you. :heartbeat:


It doesn’t feel like a favor. It feels like he’s trying to protect himself from being hurt by pushing me away and I hate that I provoked that defense reaction in him

Did you voluntarily give him that money or did he actually hint that he wanted it or asked for it?

I’m sorry you feel bad Nova I wish you a healthy healing phase

I voluntarily gave him the money. I was quite insisting.
He was talking about how he considered selling his car to pay for his electrical bill. He said he didn’t want my money but I insisted he took it.

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Wow you are so generous idk if I would do that. He should not have accepted so much though its not your problem that he is facing.

Maybe with time you will see that it was for the best that you are seperated from him

In my courses that I ve been attending one main thing that comes up is only give from your overflow. I think that money you probably need somehow even if its for savings for the future. So good riddance

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hey Nova, sorry about your friend

I’m sorry you hurt @Pikasaur. That’s a really painful thing you’re going through. Do you have others you can talk to and hang out with while the pain is at its worst?

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You deserve better. Having said that I know it is hard when friendships end badly. I hope as time goes on you will heal and find people in your life who are good friends.

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That’s even worse. Instead of flat out asking you to borrow some money, he manipulated you so that you would view it as your choice with no prompting from him.

Dang Nova. I agree with what most of the other posters have mentioned. It sounds like he didn’t really value you as a person but still I know losing a friend hurts. Especially one you felt really close to. It’s okay to cry about it if you feel you have to. But remember you a kind hearted person and a person of worth. You are not worthless. Maybe he’ll come around later, but please don’t feel like you did anything wrong. If he doesn’t appreciate you then it’s probably for the best you let it go. It isn’t easy and takes time. Believe me, I’ve lost close friends before.


I’m sorry @Pikasaur. It’s never easy to lose a friend.