My friend has been great to me lately and now I feel bad a lil

Ever since I called him out for taking advantage of me…I didn’t intend it this way but I almost feel I’m taking advantage of HIM now. Because now he pays for everything from food to whatever I have no money. Well let’s just say he’s really been really generous. More then I could have ever been. Like he’s trying to prove something. I’m gonna make it up to him when I get my disability check and stuff. But he’s really been making an effort to be a good friend. Goes the extra mile and it’s been really good. So now I feel the roles are reversed but It’s only because I’ve been making it off no money at all this month. Well next month should be much better financially I feel but who knows.


He probably doesn’t want to lose you as a friend

I think he’s doing the right thing

don’t worry about it


I agree with @Daze. He probably is just stepping up and trying to be a good friend. You can treat him when you get your money. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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My mom gave me some money and I’m treating My friend to dinner for New Years so this should make up for it some.


I would call in a table some time today

it will be packed, depending upon where you go.

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