I’m gonna die

It feels like I have a heart attack every day

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Panic attacks? Maybe

Could be. I dunno

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Define what you feel and be objective.
What kind of pain, where is it on you, what are you doing when it happens?

Chest pain. It happens every morning

Sharp, Dull, Burning, Pressure? Getting up, Laying down, After exercising? Right side, Left side, Center? Jaw pain, Arm Pain?

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Hard to say sorry

no problem just wanted to be helpful I used to get chest pain and even collapsed once. never got it sorted out but I’ve had people (not docs) tell me it was probably a panic attack. though saying something like that without all the details could end up doing more harm then good. check with your doc when you get the chance.


It might not be related to meds but you should report it to your doctor. Some meds can affect the cardiovascular system negatively.


I get chest pain like a heart attack most nights

talked to pcp about it he said my heart sounds good thinks its anxiety

He told me to take a klonapin if it gets really bad and if it doesn’t go away after a couple hours go to er

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