Heart attack? v-v

do you feel like sometimes you will have a heart attack?

Yes, some feelings like burning in my chest♨

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Uh… what makes you say that?!

I was so depressed I started crying and then felt like my heart will stop =(

Phew. I thought you had chest pains or something. But I’m sorry you’re having such a tough day. Tomorrow will be better :sunny:

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yeah It is somewhat physical - in my mind I thought this stress will give me a problems.

anyway I think today I am too unstable because I also thought my partner is cheating on me but was able to control it.

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“Heart attack.”


I wanna have a heart attack and just instant death.

Once in a while I’ll have these really morbid thoughts that my heart will suddenly stop beating!

Pretty scary stuff

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I get chest pains sometimes, and then I start worrying about my heart. But it’s probably nothing. I get pain all over my body. My mom does too.

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years ago, I ate only large Sicilian pizza pies for 4 days. threw up and my heart felt bad.

closest I got to heart attack

I’m very close to a heart attack actually.

when i laugh to hard i have horrible chest pains and pains in my heart muscle.

And i’m sure with a strict regimen of loads of coffee and cigarettes and fast foods and no exercise i’ll be dead in no time!

Yes, I’m 55 and extremely stressed a lot of the time and suffer from fatigue and a bad back. I always dread that sometrhing’s got to give.

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