Physical symptoms

For anyone who has Anxiety, do you have bad physical symptoms and do they bother you?

The one that drives me crazy is heart palpitations. Literally the second I wake up in the morning my heart rate is elevated and beating forcefully.

I don’t have bad dreams often so I know it’s not from a nightmare. Subconscious anxiety?

Other physical symptoms that I used to panic about but now understand is a part of the illness: Tightness in the chest, involuntarily body jerks, headaches, chest pain.

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If anxiety is causing this and it can.
I experienced this one time but I didn’t had any anxious thoughts like I usually have.

I think beta blockers can help the body to feel more relaxed, you should defiantly talk with your pdoc and come to a conclusion about what causing the chest pain.

If she thinks it’s anxiety work it out with her if not they’re plenty of multivitamins who help ppl with chest pain.

My pdoc prescribed my Mg for chest pain. It can also be a side effect of your meds, I am not a doctor.

You should talk with your pdoc, when it’s your next appointment?

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I don’t like anxiety attacks, because even if you think everything is normal, sometimes it isn’t

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Yes, I’ve had sweaty palms, shortness of breath, shaking of hands, chest tightness, upset stomach, headache as long as I can remember. Then with the attacks, these symptoms 100% x worse. When you asked this question, you gave me insight as to why I’m stuck on a benzos. Thank you. I mean that sincerely because it takes some introspection to realize not everyone is like this

TO ALL, I have had anxiety and panic attacks for over 15 years, with sza, ptsd, and gad with agoraphobia.

When I first and halfway through having them, I used to get all the physical symptoms as well as the fight or flight scenario in my head with paranoia, sometimes psychosis, and I’m still having panic attacks today, and everyday

I have found if you accept youre having one, and ride it out, deal with it, it doesn’t last as long…and isn’t so debilitating. Anyone else?

Sorry for the long post.

I get severe chest pain where it’s very hard to breathe. They’ve done tons of tests and nothing is conclusive.

And they probably did a cardiac workup and chest xray, right? Unfortunately, I am in the same boat as you.

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Interesting to hear different people’s experiences/opinions.

Thanks guys :+1:

heartburn and headaches.

When I get a panic attack I have trouble breathing properly, and everything looks and sounds different and the tremor in my left hand comes back plus I freak out. Not pleasant, but nothing bad happens and it goes away.

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My panic attacks last for days to weeks. I have brief moments where i feel good, but they doing the damage

Do you have generalized anxiety disorder, or phobias? Or both? Or neither? I have gad and agoraphobia. I’ve been on a 6 hour panic attack.

I dunno i am always able to appear calm but my mind freaks out but my body always feels like its in fight or flight during that period. I havent been dxed with anything but im pretty sure its anxiety. Or panic.

I’m sitting here, freaking out, drinking barium for my CT scans. Have to have an iv, too. Anxiety… panic… I want to run. Lol

I have a lot of anxiety and panic attacks and have classic heart attack symptoms. Chest pains, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, tingling/pain in my left arm. Drove myself to the ER three separate times for them to say every time it was anxiety after doing EKG’s to check my heart and chest X-rays to check whatever else.

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After the 2nd or 3rd time, I figured it out. It was scary, though. One time, they did an angiogram.

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