I’m going to run a 10k race

I registered for a race in April. I’ll finish but I won’t do well as I haven’t been exercising at all for months. I have done a few 5k races before but never a 10k. It’s a good way to feel like I’m being social but I don’t really have to interact with anyone. I know I should start some kind of training now but I’m just not motivated.


That’s awesome. Good luck and good for you. You might not be the fastest, but if you finish that’s all that counts​:checkered_flag::checkered_flag::checkered_flag:


When I was in track in middle school we were taught to run a steady pace. We didn’t sprint til the end


Wow, a 10K! You must be in better shape than me! I think that’s great that you’re able to do this. Good luck to you.


10k is 6.2mi.

I might try and do something like this too in the spring.

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It might be cheaper to just try and run a fast 6.2mi on a treadmill though…

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Good your giving it a go. I sat on my ass for years but invested in a fitness tracker. Best thing I ever did as it’s helped me get motivated and into regular exercise. It’s not hard to start somewhere and it’s a bit catch 22. You’ll never get motivated unless you find it in yourself to push through that and start!

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