I love with my Family again

I have fallen in love with my family and people .

After years of isolating and avoiding my family and people I am changing.

Schizophrenia made me have delusions and paranoia etc about family and others.

Even the people closest to me…

I have cried and am so sorry.

I want to improve myself inside and out and also become a better daughter,sister,friend,cousin etc

I love them so much.

I love :two_hearts: people aswell.

My father…
I am so sorry.

So many years…I was so f##### up.

I was alone .

I shake my head .

My loved ones must live many more years.

My father must live many more years with his girlfriend he is so happy with and his great friends etc
I’m so sorry I was a bad daughter.

I miss n love them.

I always said no to get togethers with family etc

This weekend I said no but changed my mind and flew interstate to be with family and some others and I am so glad I did.

Seeing my cousin and others again was so wonderful.

I still struggled socialising.

I still went a bit mute and felt the intense man in my body twitching it a bit but I was still happy to see them.

I could not dance because I was sober n to uptight and not relaxed.

I did not speak much and did have difficulties but I am so glad I went.

I am in love with my family .
I have fallen in love with them again after years of isolating and delusions and paranoia etc

Thank you thank you thankyou

It could of been increase in medication that helped but I am so grateful I was invited and loved and welcomed.

I love my father and am so sorry.

I love my family and people.

I love you guys!!


That’s astounding ! I’m so happy for you :sunny:

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