Is your family close?


I use to think my family was close but now i don’t really think so. We are there for anyone i think if need be but it’s not like we do a lot of stuff together or talk a whole bunch. This use to bother me a lot and it does hurt when i see people with really close families but i guess i’m kind of over it now. it is what it is. :slight_smile:


I see my brothers and sisters about once a year, at the family reunion. No phone calls no email. I don’t know how close my brothers and sisters are. But I’m not close to my family.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner


I am close to my parents. My mother has been very supportive and my dad is too but he isn’t very informed about my disorder so sometimes he just doesnt understand what I tell him. My mom and I have read lots of books on schizophrenia, so she knows all about what I have experienced.

I am lucky to have pro-psychiatry, pragmatic parents. My mom seldom tried to talk me out of psychosis, she knows its impossible. When I had used to have episodes, like losing my grip and screaming, they did very well to calm me down, somehow. They send me to the best psychologist and psychiatrist they could find.


Don’t feel so bad. There are others who aren’t close to their families.

My family has never been close. Even as kids, my siblings and I were so different that we didn’t have a lot in common. And our parents split when I was 13. We all kind of went our own ways after that.

I’ve had to completely write off my brother, because he’s homophobic and aggressive. We haven’t spoken in almost 3 years now.

My sister and my dad are extremely religious and have really distorted views about schizophrenia. So I can’t talk to them about it at all. I’ve found that they can’t get past their religious views to see past my schizophrenia and just have a normal conversation with me.

So I basically have zero contact with my family. And I’m ok with that. I’ve made some great, long term friends who are like my family now. They’re always there for me, and are very positive and communicative. We talk regularly and try to spend time together as much as possible.

If you can’t find love and companionship with your family, I hope you can make some GOOD friends who can make you happy!




My family is not close, there is no family structure at all. Personally, I think it’s a big mess, but I can’t make friends so that mess is unfortunately all I have. My family never helped at all with my health issues so I have a lot of anger about that. My wife and her family were the exact opposite of that and sometimes I miss it. You are truly blessed if you have family structure.


i’m close to my mum and dad but not to my brother which is a shame. he just doesn’t like me i don’t think. he thinks i’m the favorite so maybe it’s a bit of jealousy? i don’t know but we don’t really talk a whole lot. but my parents r ok and my mum is very supportive of whatever i want to do.


My family is close. I’m close to my parents. They try to support me and when I go through episodes they support me. I get mad though because I don’t have any friends. So when we go to the beach I wish I was going with friends instead of my parents.


I wouldn’t say they are particularly close but we are not at each others throats, more detached and indifferent than hostile.
I am closest to my brother who has health problems of his own.


Sad and glad to know i’m not alone. Some people seem to have such close families! i am close to my mom and it’s not that i’m cold to my siblings or dad it’s just i never see them or talk to them much. :slight_smile: But i guess that’s maybe a part of life as you get older a lot of times. People move on. :slight_smile:


My family has never been close, but solid or staunch. I had a lot of conflict w/my parents - particularly my mother. Now my brothers support me when I need it.


Everyone knows my sis and I are a solid team. She the Q to my James Bond.

Parents and I? Friends and healing. Cousins? hit and miss. Some are amazing, some are still stupid.

My brother Jack and I are getting to know each other again. My brother John and I have some rebuilding to do. Jacob and I? For now, it’s not a box to open. But life’s not over yet…


I’m so glad you have your sister!! It’s great. :slight_smile: Maybe some day you can start a relationship with Jacob too. It’s never too late. :slight_smile:


Where did you make your good friends at Anthony?? Or have you known them for years??


Some of my friends I’ve known for years. Some I made through my ex. And I made two really good friends on I just put in my profile that I was looking for friends–not a relationship. We’ve been friends for almost 2 years now. That was honestly that hardest place for me to make friends though. Most people turned away when I told them about schizophrenia. But the two friends that I managed to make turned out to be really good!




to see my family i put on my fire resistant clothing and pay death his gold coin so he can ferry me over to Hades so i can visit most of them…aaahhhhh good times !
take care


I used to be pretty close to my family members when i was young, but have drifted further away over the years. I am still pretty close with my mother, but not really anybody else. Ive recently started talking to some of them again through facebook but that’s enough for me for now. I have two half brothers and a half sister i’ve only seen a handful of times in life, ive gone years at a time not talking to my real father as he’s a very distant person. very activity oriented, it’s hard to actually talk about anything with him unless it’s about building, fixing, crafting or -doing- something. I told him about my mental illness problems for the first time last week and it feels like it was only some passing conversational thing now.

It is what it is, though and that’s good enough for me. Being close to family can feel good, but often I will become overwhelmed, overstimulated and begin to feel trapped, and withdraw anyway.


thanks for responding. :slight_smile:


My family is close - to be both really helpful and very seriously annoying. Like my mom seems to believe that Schizo is something that could be fought by sheer will power and discipline, which is like: god damn it…


My mom thinks that too. she encourages me to go without my meds which i won’t do but she just doesn’t understand the illness.


I kind of feel that way too a bit. Maybe i’m complaining for nothing because really they bug me when i spend too much time with them so why be so close!! LOL I drive myself literally bonkers. :slight_smile: