Depressed as f@@@

Ugh. I woke up today feeling miserable. I hate schizophrenia. I just wish it would go away. I’m so tired of waking up, not working, and feeling no enjoyment in anything.
That’s how I felt when I woke up. Like everything sucks.

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I’m sorry you are going through a difficult time. Do you have a hobby or can do something that will help you feel better? I like to make some tea and watch a funny movie when I feel depressed and overwhelmed. Life is very difficult sometimes. I’m glad you are here. I hope you can talk to your doctor.


I have lost interest in most of my hobbies. I used to love playing guitar, writing music and playing video games but I have not been able to enjoy as much since I’ve been on meds. It just sucks being sick. The medicine sucks, the disease sucks. Usually I can act positive and feel okay. Today is not one of those days


I know. It stinks. You are having a bad day today, but you might feel better tomorrow. Stay strong.

This will make you more lazy and worse lmao

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Yeah but at least I’ll be okay with being tired and lazy.

Weed causes me positive symptoms and aggressivity. It worsens my sz. I guess not all schizophrenics are like me.

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It doesn’t really effect me. But I am careful and only do it in comfortable conditions. If I’m outside my comfort zone I get very paranoid. That’s when my positive symptoms come back.
If anything it helps me pass time. I live with my parents and am waiting to see if I get disability or not. So I just take a little hit from time to time.

Shame I know how depressing sz/sza can be, especially with anhedonia or avolition. It sucks. Sza is a thief in my life - it stole a lot of my vitality away over the years. But it hasn’t stopped me from enjoying simple pleasures in life.

But that said, even those simple pleasures can elude one when in depression

The key to remember is - it will get better. Life is a cycle and if one is having a bad day, then the good day is coming closer.

Hope you feel better soon!

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Yeah. Some days are better than others for me. I just hate the feeling of “blah” that comes with this disease

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