I love ass gas

The blood work is done for another year. I was so anxious they offered me a wheelchair and I took it. On the way home in the car, someone let a fart and nothing could have smelled more beautiful to me. I think it might have been partly relief but I have learned to love ass gas.

Unconventional, but if that’s what you want, then more power to you.

Actually, it’s positivism. Because who wants to be irritated, disgusted or angry every time we smell someone’s ass work?

You know some ppl like sh1t and there is p0rn websites about sh1t. Some ppl enjoy being shitted on lmao Its a fetish.

Stuck in the Freudian anal stage.

Not my type though, I even hate anal :face_vomiting:

Reading this topic made me laugh my arse off. And a laughing arse means loose muscles. Go figure :metal:

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I’ve got to admit this is very strange and disgusting lol.

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We’re taught to hate ourselves even from the womb.

I don’t mind my own gas. But not others :smile:

Weird I know…

I don’t know how gas can be enjoyed. :confused:

That’s what my sister says.

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You’ve never enjoyed noticing your toilet work? You need to appreciate yourself more!

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So are farts called gas in US? I think I prefer that term

Yes, farts are called having gas.

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It’s not my idea of fun, but different strokes for different folks.

Hey, what would plants do without us contributing to their groundwork?

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When i was in the psych ward one time i saw a guy eating his own $hi7