What do ether, gasoline and farts have in common?

They all get called gas. It’s enough to confuse me into poverty of speech.

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When I was a kid my brother would fart in a box and quickly close it and then tell me it was.a gift. I’d open up and just about keel over from the stink. He got me a few times. I was much too trusting lol.


Two things I don’t believe a lady should talk about publicly?

You mean you haven’t heard about the anal revolution?

I don’t know, has anyone else on this site heard of it?

I had a friend who used to lay some nasty farts then roll up the windows in his truck and put on the child safety lock.

I just invented it - similar to the sexual revolution of the 60’s. It calls for the free love and respect for shittt and freedom of farting. Should help a lot of people relax and appreciate.

The smell of farts is not to be confused with the smell of ether.

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