I lost my confidence

The business manager said she will not sign a contract with me. I’m afraid I’m not employable. The social worker talked me into the lowest pay job but I don’t think I can perform good enough. People in the labour office said there is a delivery kind of job. But I’m lacking physical stamina I’m afraid I can’t do a physical job, either. I will be unemployed at home. I dont know what to do.

Maybe search for other types of jobs goggles, and why not the one the social worker talked you into? Even if it’s low pay, you should preform well.

Because they are physical jobs I’m afraid i can’t meet the demands. Also, the pay is low i can’t pay for meal. I think i can’t keep the job for more than 3 months. I can’t think of a job i can manage good enough.

That’s too bad. Maybe a call center?

I have delivery job. Your stamina will increase the more you work. I keep my self more or less fit because I walk so much in my work. If I’d been home I’d weigh 100 kg more than today. I’m far from thin, but I have the energy to walk for an hour or two without problems today.