I've got a job but i feel uncertain

It’s an attendant job and it involves a lot of cleansing and physical tasks. I’m not a physical person but I need a job. There’s still other jobs I’ve applied for but the centre manager said she would employ me. My mom dont want me to do it. Should i decline the offer if I’ve got another one?

Everyone has to start somewhere. My first job after my break at 18 was washing test tubes. It helped me regain my confidence after my life was shattered.

So I say go for it!! If it’s too much you can get out of it. But you never know until you try. Just treat yourself nice and take it slow if stressed.

You start at the bottom and work your way up the ladder.


Jobs in my area are hard to find. I’ll take just about any job available, I’m not picky. I would take the attendant job until I could find another one. It’s good to have money coming in until you find a better job. If you have two job offers at the same time, then just take the one that you like or that you know you can do.

Do you mean you have two jobs offers simotaniously? If you don’t think you can handle the physical job than decline it. It wouldn’t hurt to go there first and actually try it to see if it’s possible to do before declining it… But yeah, if you have two offers than take the one you think you will succeed at. A job is a job to me. I don’t think I’m too good to be a janitor. I’ve been there 5 years. It’s easy, close to home, simple, and has certain perks. I’ve worked in department stores. A job is a job. It keeps you busy, it keeps you around people, it brings in money, and gives your day structure. That is all good stuff.

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Hi nick, thanks for your reply. Yes i have 2 jobs offer now. One of them involve a lot of cleansing. The other involves taking care of wheel chair bound mentally deficient people. They say it’s also a hard job. I tend to think it’s more practical to me with the latter. I’m afraid I lack stamina in cleansing full day everyday.

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