I lost faith in society

All I can do is assure you that you have positive aspects. I found some and i know you can if you work at it. I understand how hard that is when you’re depressed. Just keep trying. Every little thing, no matter how insignificant you think it is, counts.

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Chess What’s your ■■■■■■■ problem dude?

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@Chess24 if you continue to behave in that manner you will face consequences. That was uncalled for.

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@DearZombie you can do whatever you like.
I think however that what laetitia wrote is much much worse and more triggering than what I wrote.
And you don’t threaten her.

You’re insulting a member for no reason. If you don’t like what she wrote, don’t visit the post.

I think I have a reason but I’ll try to be kinder and gentler.

That’s all I ask.

@laetitia When you have a good day you should write down a list of positive things about you. You will have a clear head and it will be much easier to find them. Everybody has strenghts, but it’s easy to forget them and focus on the bad stuff when it’s not our day.

Nobody in this world is perfect. In fact the word perfect shouldn’t exist, it gives us ideas that we are not good enough and that we always need to be better. Adequate is a much better word to strive for. And lets face it. No one is adequate all the time.

“Society” really doesn’t affect my day. I go to work in my car and if someone tailgates me or zips by me it’s not because of society it’s because that individual is an as*hole. There’s a heck of a lot of nice people out there but if the guy or girl in the car ahead of me at the drive-thru restaurant is staring at me it’s because that person is a loser. And I may have to put up with them for sixty seconds and then they’re gone.

Concentrating or obsessing about huge, cosmic, vague, or imaginary problems like the concept of “society” is counterproductive. Worry more about your own immediate needs and your own life and what steps you can take to improve it. I’m not say there aren’t a lot of idiots and as*holes out there, but why focus on them? You see some idiot out there who may laugh at you or make a comment but 5 minutes later they’re gone out of your life and then some nice person next to you will just let you alone and someone else will smile at you. Just live your life, find something you can do.


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