I like new girl at my job

she is very sexy. Blond small height… she was looking to me often… we went to smoke cigarettes … idk she is 18 years old …but that’s not a problem… problem is my state I don’t have what to say I am always in my mind feeling bad and thinking negative thoughts… I want to engage deeper into conversation… I don’t even joke… feeling sad… don’t know how to express myself

At first I think we were attracted to each other but latter when went to smoke together… I just feel like I am kinda coworker relationship

I feel stupid questioning her… but she talked more then I … i now very stupid feel…tommorow I will talk to her as my coworker not like posible partner

And people were seeing as together…

And now they will laugh of my failure

If she talked a lot to you that could be a good sign. Just be yourself, act natural and see where things go.

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I cannot be myself becouse I will not talk at all or talk bullshit

Ok I will try…

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I’ve always had trouble talking to girls, too. It can be hard to know what to say. I am sure you will be fine though.

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what, the chick just wants to hang loose with you

she’s not giving her muffin, expect nothing.


Again stupid thread zero help

This is not good place to talk about your desires people just wants to destroy you feeling jealous

Ok @anon9798425 close this thread please

Daze is right,

Just because she’s having a cigarette with you doesn’t mean there’s anything there.

I feel like you’re reading a little far into it.

Take things slow and see how it progresses.

You sure @Feather_moon?

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@Feather_moon i thought you speak with another girls/woman, right?

You will not give me good advice becouse you don’t know anything

Yes it’s annoying

you can try all you want, when on the job we typically have expectations, they are not met always. I wish you luck.

One of my coworkers got married

I don’t know where you live but where I worked everywhere I saw people got into something