I like it when people are honest

The truth hurts sometimes, but I never cease to find it refreshing when others are brutally honest. I know the truth can be a hot topic, especially here where we have trouble determining what might be true. But I like it when people are honest to me, even when the truth hurts.


Women lie to avoid certain men. Honesty doesn’t work in business.

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Wow, powerful! However, unfortunately sometimes white lies which I vowed I’d never do. Yet, now I see how sometimes, it’s appropriate especially for drs. I developed long qts from mellaril risperdal combo. However, though I asked initially if it could have been also that combo plus anorexia and my dr said that it was meds at the time. I wasn’t strong enough emotionally, physically or rational enough to be told my anorexia really could have contributed which we discussed two visits ago…I could’ve done this to myself…yeah, he was right to wait until I was strong enough to swallow that “pill”

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Yeah, I had a doctor who point blank told me he’d tell me a lie if it would have a beneficial effect. So maybe he’s onto something.

Being brutally honest can be rejected at first but often eventually can be helpful. Many of us like things sugar coated. I think of that line from Mary Poppin’s song, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”.


men lie to women. women lie to other woman. men lie to other men.


I guess we can all judge a person by their actions and not what they say.


I was honest with the nurse & my therapist about having intrusive THOUGHTS of hurting the pdoc during an appt…and somehow it got interpreted that I was threatening her. Now my provider is dumping me and I may be out of meds in a couple of weeks if I can’t find a new one…yeah, the truth hurts alright. I am NEVER going to tell them the truth ever again regarding my thoughts, my feelings, OR my actions. The truth has permanently damaged the therapeutic alliance…


I hear your pain sorry you are being treated that way

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I am honest when the situation demands honesty. When the other person demands an honest explanation I give it to him/her.


I take it as a challenge to disprove those themes in life.

The brutes shouldn’t be given the reigns without a fight. It’s honest people at the end of the day who wind up doing all the work… there is strength in that. Strength that only needs more outstanding examples of how to empower themselves.

Or we wait for the trickle down to finally provide reasonable standards of living for the poor. It’ll likely be a couple hundred years before that.

Longer if we do find that the people in power truly are just evil and would keep people down for no reason.


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