I've said things to the pdocs that I don't believe were entirely true. Have you?

Like I don’t believe I was housebound for three years. My family have no recollection of it. I was probably really depressed when I said those things but I can’t recollect any of it either.

I’ve done this too… in my head, I feel like my bed ridden, wax-covered negative state went on for 6 or 7 years… but the time line outside my head… there is no way it could have.

Due to this illness, false memories and other problems… my personal time line is all messed up.

I was reminded about trying to get pain pills out of my doc for a broken arm… but I hadn’t broken my arm. I was sure my arm had been broken. When he started asking for details on how and where and when, I couldn’t remember… so I was grabbing at anything I could to fill the story in.

I honestly believe depression and other mental messes with time perception.

My youngest brother is having a hard time with this. I’ll get a hold of him and let him know I’m coming over in 5 hours and when I get there, he’s still not ready… he’ll get mad at me for rushing him and he swears I only gave him 30 minutes.

Also… he’s mad at my sis for being concerned that he “had a bit of a pause”… when he’s been frozen like a statue for three hours. His time line is blurring up as well.

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I have played down the severity of my depression and negative thoughts on occasion when talking to doctors and therapists out of fear of commitment but I never lie to them. I firmly believe in being honest with my treatment team, you can’t get help if you aren’t truthful. Also, if you get caught in a lie then you can kiss any trust in the relationship goodbye.


I too have downplayed my situation, also I have put strong emphasis on my symptoms to let her know it is a serious matter, but I never lie to her. Lying to your psychiatrist will make your treatment not as accurate or effective plus it breaks the trust that should exist between doctor and patient. I would not lie if I were you. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to a healthy doctor- patient relationship


I can relate @SurprisedJ I have never lied. I believed it to be true at the time. Like I was told at my assessment on Friday that I had told them I was housebound for three years. I have no recollection of it and neither do my parents. But it’s true. Perhaps not 3 years though. I just didn’t know at the time to what extent it was true. These questions were asked to me when I was very very … well obviously I was not well.

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I now understand @Daisy79 - I misunderstood your post - my apologies. These things can happen - I think I have done this too in the past. Unintentionally giving exaggerated information or false information due to me not doing so well

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I’ve never told a blatant lie. Yet I have to admit sometimes I hedge the truth just to get out of an appointment faster. I sometimes think that my psychiatrist knows this. But one of my most reoccurring delusions is I think my thoughts are leaking out and other people can read them. I’m lucid enough to know it’s not true so obviously I can’t trust my suspicions.