I know what they are now

The voices are real and they are our conscience.

“Thus I was inwardly gnawed and violently confused with horrible shame”.

It’s purpose is to unsettle so conscience is full of attitude. It knows just what it is doing and has a rational purpose to stir an emotion and provoke an action in the form of a new choice.

Do you guys on meds still hear your conscience? how do you know it’s not the voices?

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The intruding thoughts are more what gets to my consciencousnes. The voices are more like a distraction.

My conscience sounds much different than my voices.

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Not sure what you mean exactly. If you hear your own thoughts that’s fine. If you’re hearing voices tell your pdoc and make sure you’ve taken your meds.

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My conscience told me yesterday, “stay away from them”. It’s talking about my upstairs neighbors who are obsessed with me. I’m not a prisoner.ill ■■■■■■■ leave my apt if I want to. I ignore them outside anyway.

I know what you’re talking about. So yeah I hear my conscience once in a while. I’m.on latuda etc

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Exactly! You seem to have a good understanding of what I mean. I don’t hear myself I hear other voices acting as my conscience.

Don’t let them take over.

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