Can you tell the difference between your conscience and voices?

Sometimes I wonder if what I thought were voices were really just my conscience.

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No i think voices are recordings we picked up from tv, radio, family. I feel guilty for nothing and hear voices. Maybe our sz conscience works different to non sz.

@anon53623539 how do they sound like my voice then

@anon21849028 I don’t think so mine goes away with some meds

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Your voices are different to the voices I hear.

My conscience is good the voices in my head are bad. It’s pretty easy for me to tell the difference.

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You can’t hear your conscience, it’s more of an internal thing.

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Unless you’re repeating out loud what your conscience is telling you to do. For example and this is a bad example but whatever. You are at the grocery store. You see something you want but you can’t afford it so you’re like I’m just going to put it in my purse, and you end up putting it in your purse. You feel bad because you know it’s wrong. You feeling guilty and knowing it’s wrong is your conscience. Now on the other hand you’re in the store and all the sudden you hear a voice saying put that in your purse. That’s not your conscience just a voice. I’m not saying anyone on hear steals I was just trying to use an analogy to make it simple to understand.

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The difference in mine is like you have song with the words in your head that’s like my inner voice but the voices with sz I hear are outside of my head like I’m standing in Walmart and people that are passing by me call me by my name or when I go to bed and everything is turned off in the house I can hear hear two voices out loud speaking in the hallway or in the walls like their on a radio show talking to each other

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This goes along with our discussion.

I can tell the difference between the voices and conscience thoughts. They seem separate

Inner voice, conscience and gut instinct are all a little different to me. Slight variables, but they are all completely different then hearing voices.

Yes. The voices I have spring usually from visual hallucinations outside my head.

My voices are my conscience/thoughts going nonstop. They’re in left field. Out there.

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To answer your question, the difference is very clear

To keep anonymous.

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