I know now I’m not gonna be single forever


Seems girls like me more now and it’s just about finding the right one more. I almost feel I can like date around a little. Which is a relief rather than having the mentality I would marry the first girl I’m attracted to that’s willing to be with me. I feel I can test the waters a little bit.

Right now I’m going through some stuff in life with the surgery but a lot more girls wanna talk to me now than ever lol. Maybe some work to still do in life like there always may be but I see no reason I can’t start going on dates once I am recovered more from my surgery.


That’s definitely a good thing. A positive outlook can really help in our daily struggles. I’m sure you will find someone if you just take your time and keep looking. Good luck to you!


I forget. Did you say you were married @disciple?


Nope, not any more. Divorced.


Ahh that’s right. I actually thought you might have said you were divorced at one point. Was it because of your sz that you got divorced?? I sometimes think the sz means there’s something wrong with me. But there’s definitely someone out there for me. I’ve had girls want me before they it was just either impossible or the wrong time. Sometime everything will be right I believe. And I’m getting tons of messages back now on this one dating site. I posted like a mirror full body shot and it gets more replies now.

Plus in real life everything goes smoother now.


I think maybe the sza played a part in it, but there was more to it than just that. I think we were just on two separate paths and she decided to leave and do her own thing. It’s taken me many years to get over it though. It’s good that you’re getting messages back on your dating site. I think the secret is to just be patient and when it’s time, the right one will come along, sz or not.


Really nice to see this. I saw before you had beat yourself up too much about it. I bet you find the right one and not too long from now. Enjoy your testing of the waters!


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