I KNOW I'm autistic

After reading this, it has reinfored my year-old beliefs that I have some sort of autism spectrum disorder.
When I was initially diagnosed, that’s what they were looking for, but settled on sz instead.
I’m wondering if they should have dug deeper.

I can cross off all of these things.

I feel the same way. I wanted to get tested for autism, but my pdoc and case manager didn’t think I needed to – they said sz symptoms and autism symptoms overlap too much. I still think I wanna get tested, because I check off a lot of the boxes for autism, too. I say go for it and get tested @Pikasaur, nothing bad can come from it, really.

Have you considered going back in for a diagnosis? I wonder if you can find someone who specializes in treating women with autism.

Lobbing this into the thread.

Seek an assessment if you can.

I did not ask for mine, the psychologist suspected I had it.

I pretty much knew the result, as in the past I did some online tests that we’re pretty high scores towards ASD.

I have Autism Level 1, which means I don’t need much support to function.

I was told it’s not Aspergers as language wasn’t a problem

You probably have both.

I’ve suspected I had it, but I don’t know. All those checklist things always make me feel like I definitely have it, but at the same time I’m pretty perceptive to other people’s emotions. I read emotions into everything. Almost obsessively. So I don’t think I have it. But all those tests and checklists and things always make me wonder.

I fit the autism in women label despite being a trans guy (i was socialized as a girl so theres that explanation) . if you feel you are youre more than welcome in the community regardless of diagnosis status. We understand there are barriers to diagnosis.

I also considered it for a short while, but the guy I talked to (best pdoc I ever had) assured me I didn’t have it. He has family with it so I suppose he would know. I’ve known a few people with it, it just seems to put up a slight barrier to communication that can be breached with the right techniques.

I think I might have it. I’ve got appointments with my nurse in June I’m gonna ask what he thinks

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