I knew it was too good to be true

I’ve got to trust my cynical side more.

The new apartment. I thought I escaped all the craziness of downtown San Jose I endured for two years in the board and care. I was so happy with my nice apartment in my nice new neighborhood. But now I have a psychopath upstairs singing upstairs loudly. I’m sitting here on my laptop and I think he’s trying to tell me something that I’m not aware of. I thought I was just relaxing and enjoying a quiet morning.

I got a hunch about a month ago that since it’s mental health housing and we’re all living here through the same a mental health agency that my neighbors feel they can take liberties and listen to what’s happening in other apartments and intrude in my space. It’s not a huge deal usually. But it gets serious. I think it’s manageable because it’s
only occasional. Nice day outside though. Had a nice breakfast. But my class just started and it’s hard to concentrate. Time to grit the teeth and see if learned anything useful in those two years downtown in the board and care I can use here.

“Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill”, as my dad used to say.

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That sucks I hope it gets better.

I had a psychopath neighbour who made loud noise all the time and even entered in my house when I was not inside.

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@77nick77. Are you talking about my dad? He sings loud all the time.


No, I can stand your dad, but your dog has to go.


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