I keep thinking "I'm getting uglier and uglier "

Then I say “maybe I’ve always been real ugly and my perception is more in touch with reality now”

Then I say "maybe I need a haircut "

That’s the thinking I should go with. I think I need a haircut :haircut_woman:

you are handsome on the inside, that is what counts.


I’m feeling a lot of judgement in public lately

My parents used to tell me I was pretty and I actually thought I was! Haha. I think I was my best looking in the beginning of middle school. I was relatively thin and didn’t have severe acne. Then I got fat, not obese though, and really bad acne. I’ve been ugly ever since. I swear my nose got bigger too. I know I’m ugly because I almost never get asked out to dates and stuff. I get uglier with every passing year and I have adult acne.

Geez, you’re a good looking guy @Goyankees . You’ve got nothing to worry about.

I think the same thing all the time.

One of the delusions I have is a woman that is overly critical ( to say the very least ) about my looks.

Now that I’m a little older (mid thirties) and had a recent (maybe 10lbs) weight gain, the comments are constant. Its killing me because I’m a confident woman and she’s breaking me down.

The worst part is I told my husband about these details about my body she’s been pointing out and he told me I’ve always looked this way. What? Now I too feel like I’m delusional about my appearance and may have been wrong about how hot I am my whole life.

Anyway, get the haircut! If anything the change will make you feel better.

sweetheart you are a very good looking young man. You don’t ever have to worry about that again. Just wipe that thought right out of your head. I mean it!

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All you would have to do is smile, @Goyankees. You are a good looking young man.

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Don’t feel bad. I never get asked out on dates either. And I don’t consider myself to be ugly. And others don’t either.

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i have the exact same feeling. it takes me down to the very down in no time in the middle of everything happening. i jus want the day to end and hope the sun shines for me the next day. no shines so far :smile:

you are beautiful & perfect as everything else.
when you feel fine, everything is fine.
when you feel bad, everything is bad.

Fck sake, I have alot of admiration for the people who post pictures, however, you never fking smile, whats that about…

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