I keep having these dreams...maybe I'm seeing the future

I keep having dreams that I’m in the State hospital again. I am always in the state hospital in those dreams. I think I might be seeing my future. Maybe I’m not meant to be functioning in society, or I need to touch someone’s life in the hospital…

I wouldn’t say your not meant to be functioning in society. I remember how scared I was when I got out of hospital, even though I wanted to get out, I was still scared.

In hospital our day is laid out for us. We eat what is served at 8:00 a.m. meds are at this specific time, chores are minimal, group or therapy is at this specific time, midday activity is at this specific time.

I admit, there are times I miss the predictability of it all and I miss having someone plan my day for me. With family problems, I had a doctor who could restrict family visits so I didn’t have to see them when I couldn’t take it.

Maybe when life gets overwhelming we wish we were back there. I know if I’m too knee deep in stress I hear myself thinking… It was all so easy in hospital. All I have to do is not take my meds and I can go back there…

NO! I have to snap myself out it hard and just find a way to get some help through my day. Just a ponder…

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Or maybe you just worry too much about having to go to a mental hospital so your mind is just trying to get that thought off its chest.


If you’re on meds, vivid dreams or nightmares is a common side effect. It takes an hour of sorting my dreams out and a strong cup of black coffee to get me awake in the morning. I remember when the vivid dreams and increased sleep happened when I started Geodon, I thought the dreams were entertaining but now they are rather bothersome because they are too real feeling and I remember them clearly, which makes me have to analyze them for half an hour when I wake up.

I usually wake up after sleeping for 9-10 hours, then lay in bed coming to for half an hour, awake but analyzing my dreams and clearing my mind. Then I somehow make a coffee and a cig and then I really wake up. It takes an hour from when I wake up to when I have finished my coffee and have the energy to make breakfast. Once the coffee kicks in I feel wide awake.

Premonitions have saved my life multiple times. I’m not fabricating or making this up for any sort of attention. I have had premonitions and dreams that came true. The reason for them is to teach us about the future, and to help us prevent mistakes. I’ve learned that you CAN change the future. I had night terrors based on future and coming events. I saw a lot. I learned a lot. Things I didn’t know without the dreams.

not all dreams should be seen as the truth, they are in short ’ dreams '.
yes a dream is a way for the mind to work out a problem but do not look into them so much , as a foretelling of the future .
you can do this, this is your mind you can control it.
take care

I actually can see the future at random times, which saved my little sister from being kidnapped, just saying, I am not trying to argue, just so you know. :smile:

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Oh no. You kid sister almost got kidnapped? That is one of my biggest fears. I glad you were able to stop it. I was sure that every person on the face of the earth was a kidnapper. I know I can’t keep thinking like that because then a real kidnapper could slip through the net.

I hope you didn’t have to put yourself in danger to keep her from getting taken.

i actually was not in real danger, but anyway…

I’ve had dreams that I thought where predicting my future that didn’t come true. So since at least some of them are lies I’m not going to count on them coming true anymore because there is no way for me to tell when their lying and when their telling the truth. In other words it isn’t worth it to me to worry about.

if i offended you it was not my intent, i was just concerned that you thought you might end up in hospital , it was my sz way of reasuring you, obvoiusly it did not come across well , sorry.
take care

They were going to put me in the state hospital once, my doctor had a heart attack and ended up in the hospital himself and i was given another doctor, he tried me with no medication for two weeks and i was let go without a diagnosis.

Yeah, one can see the future but can’t change it, once you see it thats it and nothing can be done about it, the future is like the past in this respect, it can’t be changed. Like a river that begins to flow, it must end up at an exact spot because of certain factors.

Basstard had a heart attack! Ha! He knew what he was doing to, he knew it was wrong.

oh no! you didn’t offend me. I was just telling you a fact from my experiences, dark. sorry for not clarifying XD

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