Dreams i have been having

I keep having dreams that I am back in the state hospital. I keep seeing myself there, with some friends i have made in my most recent hospital visits. I also keep dreaming of my hallucinations. I hate when I get these dreams because they trigger me to want to hurt myself…Does anyone have any advice for me to stop these dreams?

I don’t know how to stop dreams. That is pretty wild realm. Are you having some fear about having to go for an appointment or thinking you might end up back there?

I can in no way say it’s this way for everyone since dreams are the last unknown realm, but sometimes with me, what bothers me in real life will bother my dream life

I’ve heard that dreams are like our minds trying to sort out problems from our waking lives. Perhaps these things you dream about are problems that you feel you need to resolve. My dreams often are.

I have had nightmares about relapses and having more symptoms that ever. It’s because I have been in remission and I was worried about staying there. But my meds are working well and I haven’t relapsed, I’ve been fine.

Maybe you can do relaxing things before bedtime - listen to relaxing music, drink warm milk or chamomile tea, take a warm shower or bath, anything to relax then go to sleep

Hospitals represent care. Does something in your life need extra care or to be soothed? Was it a comforting dream about being in the hospital? A place you felt taken care of and had friends? Or was it more confining?
Not sure what about your hallucinations give you the mind set to hurt yourself, but perhaps the care from the hospital dream was for the result of the hallucinations dream?

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try and turn what you find negative e.g the hospital situation to a positive, and so on.
also try and get rid of any fear of your self being killed or harmed in a dream.
i do this in my dreams and there fore there is no fear , of death of anything, you let go of control but in a sense you are controlling your own fear. embrace your inner warrior . also before you fall asleep tell your self that you are safe and you are strong.
take care

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like’s I can give. I’ve maxed out giving away hearts. But I like this post very much. I like your point of controlling your fear in a dream.

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I felt safe in the dream…and thanks for replying, everyone.

If you don’t have obligations like school or a job, then you might do as I used to do when I got nightmares and restless dreams, well I stayed up all night and when the sun comes up I go to sleep, with as much as light as possible for me to go to sleep. you may stop the annoying dreams, maybe you can try that.