I keep failing at waking up

I got up at 7am on Sunday. Was tired. Monday was meant to be 6am, but turned into 12pm. Today (Tuesday), was even worse at 1pm. I even took a benzo last night to make me sleepy.

Why the hell can’t I fall asleep on time [early] ?

I love early morning starts, and I wanted to spend October walking for 1hr each morning to improve my weight loss, breathing and lower back pain.

Maybe I will just have to force myself up through the grogginess and drink loads of energy drinks until my circadian rhythm is reset.

I’m all out of benzos now and I don’t have any melatonin either…; I’m not keen on melatonin as I feel it would suppress natural production in the pineal gland.

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My best solution to not getting caught staying up all night is to get in the habit of going to sleep super early and getting up before dawn.