İ just wonder do you fall in love one of your voices?

Did you ever experience love toward your hallucinations?

I appreciate the laughs I can have sometimes with my voices but it’s a far shot from love

No but on Abilify I had erotomania. It stopped once switched to Latuda. Now I am on Risperdal.

ahhh, no.

I did feel empathy though for the little girl who was crying.

No not at all, sometimes I ask ownie if I’m safe and he reassures me I am which is comforting but he’s also very sadistic so I don’t talk too much to him. I can’t really hear him now with meds it’s just some words get through

Is that where you love someone but don’t know them very well I had that

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Yea, I thought celebrities female were in love with me. A spanish singer I followed her on fb, insta etc and liked all her pictures, thought we were in love telepathically, I think I inboxed her too, it was many years ago. I would also think that girls I barely knew were in love with me.

I was hypersexual too on Abilify too so that too contributed to erotomania.

O I didn’t have that I just thought I was gonna marry Ariana grande

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I have… and it’s really dangerous.

Especially when it’s command hallucinations.

It made me do bad things and dumb stuff

Ummm…no. Never even conceived this before. As in, my mind has never thought of such a thing until this thread. Falling in love with an alien’s voice would be trans-species romance, and I’m not ready to take on a new species. Women remain a mystery for me, and that’ll suffice for one life.

Yes, I had some adorable hallucinations, but I don’t hear him anymore.

I thought one voice was my twin flame, this new age concept thing I no longer believe in… I thought I was having conversations with a person I loved, but then things got really weird. And all this new age belief plus taking too much st.johns wort led to my first episode.

There was also a kid voice crying and I felt sorry for him and told him he would be ok…

Also an adult voice crying for their brother… and when these voices calmed they would tell me I was kind.

This was before psychosis though when I thought I was psychic.

Now i get voices telling me I’m going to hell etc… I miss the voices before psychosis. I used to get songs too…

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If I have thoughts like that, my voices immediately call me a creep.

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