Romantic Delusions

What’s up with that? Voice telling me “He loves you, you just have to prove your love to him and he’ll be yours”. Leads to all kinds of creepy stalker business. WTH?

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I had an infatuation just like that without the voices. Turned out he didn’t know I existed.


Is that, at least in my case with the voices, is that a symptom of psychosis or is it something more like OCD?

:rose: my problem is the opposite. signs that a relationship is over soon, that I shouldn’t care what he thinks, that I need to move on. I know I need to. If I ignore those voices it gets worse; or I end up in a dangerous situation. I don’t have literal voices all the time, but sometimes more like unconscious thoughts or advice from the higher self, the collective divine within me. you know it’s not perfect, and understanding karma, signs and purpose can be even more difficult with a diagnosis that means believing you have a special destiny makes you crazy. I pushback against those cynical interpretations. Being able to connect to a higher power is not the same as having a psychotic break with reality, or existential abilities. People who think that are fascist and undermine the potential of unlocking human power and things we can do.

So in conquering delusions, or ideas of reference. I take a step back, visualize what the voice implies, separate myself from the sound or concept, understand the fear is outside myself and non-existent. It disappears once you can conquer the pattern or break the pattern that feeds into it, thoughts and identities and archetypal constructs are very much in tune with the personality.

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That’s a bit much lol… Had one too many Xanax just now I think. I’ll read that again when I’m myself.

got a similar delusion about one of my voices loving and being jelous of my every move or thought, maybe it is a bad idea to tell one of your voices you love them ?

I remember I kept thinking that about a woman and hearing her voice saying that she was in love with me. So I kept trying to talk to her and she just treated me as someone super weird. She kinda made her opinion of me known. But I kept hearing her voice saying the opposite. I didn’t go any farther than that though. I was just confused and thought she was playing games with me.

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I’m quite prone to these kinds of delusions. I think that I may be having one as of now but I haven’t really pieced the puzzle together.

@Sooner88 are you in Oklahoma? I’m in Pauls Valley Oklahoma.


I went to school in Goodwell. Panhandle State. Don’t live in OK anymore.


I had dreams about this one girl a year younger than me. They were intense without being sexual and I genuinely thought she was my soulmate. Idk though, I guess it’s not meant to be if I can’t even leave my house on a regular basis.

romance delusion is quite unfortunate and deadly.

if I stalked anyone, I’d soon be attacked or convicted.

Never experienced romantic delusions. However, I have had people convinced I wanted them when I didn’t. It always amazed me how people could make it up in their own head that I was sexually attracted to them or base it off of something very small like that I smiled or was friendly. I understand it is difficult for the delusional person but it was very upsetting for me, as well, being the subject of the delusion because it affected their behavior toward me.