I just want sleep

Its 2 pm I wish it was 11pm bed time

I just want my mind to stop

My voices are going crazy and paranoia is freacking me out

the voices keep telling me my dog is going to die and i wont know anything until thursday or possibly monday

Hey @yoda123 I’m paranoid right now too. Living alone in apartment’s don’t help. Hearing the people thru the walls is freaking me out.

I know this doesn’t help ya. Just know you aren’t alone.

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I’m sorry. I wish I could take it away from you.

ty @Turtle41
im sorry you are going threw that
i feel ya i hear people threw the tv and radios

I did too my first round of psychosis. I had to stay away from them both.

@rocket ty it means alot for support

Thanks for your post. Yes, it is hard living alone. Quite a challenge. I often wish I lived with one of my close friends or a girlfriend. It’s hard to stand up to reality when you are alone much of the time.

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ty @Mr_Hope
I actually live with my mom
she is sleeping cause she is older and needs naps in afternoon cause she gets up early but it feels like im alone when her and the dogs are sleeping

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