Having a tough time tonight the voices won’t stop!

I haven’t slept I 3 days due to alcohol and drug cravings. I’ve been working on the farm all day I’m very tired but been battling paranoia and voices all day. I really want to sleep but I’m so paranoid I feel like someone is going to attack me while I sleep. The voices are telling me I’m worthless and that I should kill myself or that I should have a fix of heroin to feel better.

I just really need to talk. Please help!

There are people popping fireworks outside my window which isn’t helping fireworks are a trigger for me

That sounds tough. Up that long without sleep doesn’t sound fun. I hope you get to feeling better.

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I’m sorry, @Longhorn21.

You absolutely need sleep,

Can you just turn off the lights and try to rest for a little bit,

It’ll probably help your symptoms.

I’ve been trying to sleep with low lights, no lights, lots of lights, music, tv on but nothing is working especially with ppl popping fireworks. I’m really tired but I just won’t fall asleep.

How about a nice cool shower?

That might calm you down and make you more sleepy.

Sometimes you just have to lay down with your eyes shut for a long time before you drift off to sleep.

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You know what I think I’ll give the shower a try thanks!

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Some teas are very good at inducing sleepiness. Do you have any on hand?

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No I don’t I only have coffee and it’s late at night where I’m at to go to the store and buy some :cry:

Maybe you can ask a neighbor or have they already gone to bed?

One of my neighbors is a surgeon he gets up in a couple of hours to go to work so I’m sure he’s asleep and the other is a police officer. I texted him to see if he can stop by the store and get me some.

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The voices are getting very scary! I can’t help it but cry!

I have a technique thats quiets voices. I imagine fields and technology and lift them off using focussed intent.

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@Longhorn21 then that’s what you need to do. Have a good cry. Scream into a pillow. Stomp that pillow if need be. You’ve already tried everything I know how to do. It’s so ungodly hard to rest with paranoia.

A benzo perhaps?

Feel better.

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What’s benzo? I hate crying but I can’t hold back the tears.

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Benzodiazepines. Like Ativan. Valium. Klonopin. Those sorts of things.

Isn’t that a opioid?

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I understand where your frustrations are coming from Longhorn21.
Thou try and understand that these voices are just saying things that are irritating b/c of the state your in. For example when they say take heroin they just mean to mess you up because they know that heroin is a form of opioid.

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No there not painkillers but though they can be addictive they can relax us quickly. The only other things is to take a walk. If you live in a populated area with frequent patrols just don’t attract attention to yourself. I did that at 2:00 in the morning once though a squad only drove by five times within 15 minutes. Just a thought. It could help. Helped me.

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I know I’m trying my best! The only thing that is keeping me from using is the fact i have no money and I’m miles away from a dealer.