I just took 600mg of LDopa supplement

I don’t care anymore about positive symptoms I just want to improve negative symptoms and that supplement always worked when I took it. Last time I took 5x 120mg pills I got out of bed, did 2hrs outside biking and jogging then 2hrs indoor bike, hanged out with friends for 2hrs and played video games on my own for hrs. My cognition and negative symptoms improved at the cost of some positive symptoms.


Please be careful. :penguin::penguin::penguin:


My Dr told me to not take supplements that boost dopamine but I don’t care anymore, better than being suicidal in bed.

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You’ll just go off the rails again.

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I took less this time, last time I took 840mg one shot.

I am not taking my 2pm risperdal either to have more dopamine.

You’ll become aggressive and get into trouble again.


Isn’t that better than being suicidal?

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I wish my Dr would prescribe me Ritalin, he refused prescribing me anything that boosts dopamine and that makes me function happily.

I won’t become Tony Montana, I am just a poor schizophrenic.

Good luck Aziz. I honestly don’t know why you are so eager to mess with your regimen when you have the big Clozapine change coming up though. Why now? Why not wait it out a little longer and see if Clozapine helps?

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Being aggressive or violent can land you in prison or you may end up dead.

Get off that crap.

Your stirring up trouble for yourself.


Good luck man. I know people will think youre just gonna go off the rails again but if youre truly suicidal a brief bit of happiness can keep you going, even if you end up in the hospital I would say its worth it

Unless of course you have the propensity to hurt someone you care about. Then def dont because that will haunt you


Sounds like you got a taste of normal life again. :+1:

Maybe if you took some anger management class or atleast read about it you can control aggression.

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