I just realize something big

All my problems are not coming from the outside or external sources is coming from internal, my mind, the anxiety, paranoia, fear, delusions, etc. Im creating the problem the anxiety, fear, paranoia, delusions. This whole i thought it was the external sources that was stressing me out but i just realize its my mind that was creating delusion reality of bad things are going to happen to me but in reality everything is going to be okay. I dont how i just realize that but thanks god i did. wow…i got to realizing my mind is source of my problems then i can see things in brighter light again back into reality. :grinning:


Internal stress and external stress; your stressed.

Doing things to reduce stress is important.
Glad you see the light.


i dont have external stress i have internal stress only. you must understand our mind creates our stress. thats where everything comes from.


Yea im trying to learn about the mind more, so i can understand why im feeling this way. The more i understand and learn, the better i see things generated in the mind.

Very cool.
Learning more about the mind is great.

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I have a minor in psychology so i know little bit.

However, some times the more you learn, the more lost you are; when it comes to the mind.

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yea but the minds is powerful thing bro. its amazing though.

Great insights @oe1489 . Like the saying goes, It’s not what happens it’s how you deal with it

With average people, it’s probably 50/50. With a mental illness, it’s probably more like 80/20. Our minds and views do tend to complicate things and exaggerate them

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yea thats absolutely right dcragg65, our mind could be our worse enemy or it can be our best friend. If we know to use it right.

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I’m still learning, but I’m getting there

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No thats good, we never stop learning man. We stop learning when we drop dead lol not to scare you. But you know that already right.

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I know what you mean. Use it or lose it, my friend

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O yea man hell yea.

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No one knows how our thoughts arise. Some say they come from nothingness. Just poof! and they’re there. I’m a creative person to my detriment. Doubt all things supernatural. I have to admit though I’ve had three physical manifestations of some other reality in my apartment. I can’t doubt what I can see, hear, and feel. My mind freaks me out. How did I know that? I ask often. It’s better to believe in more than just a brain( matter ). But I am just one person.

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