I just ordered 180 more grams of Sarcosine

I’m a very skeptical person, so if I think something is working for me it probably is. Anyway, I figure I can afford the roughly $10.00 a month Sarcosine costs me. My poor brain needs all the help it can get.

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How are you thinking its helping you? Do other people around you see any difference in your behavior or mood?

I feel like I am more patient to work through the difficulties of my endeavors. I am an aspiring writer, and I have always been loath to jump through all the hoops that it takes to get published. Now I am taking things step by step. I also feel like I am more industrious in my daily activities - writing and whatnot. Also, I feel like I have gotten a feeling of well being from the Sarcosine. I feel better.

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I haven’t had great results with sarcosine.

Different things work differently for a person. It could be that your body can’t absorb it if you’re buying the synthetic kind. If you can afford it you might try Profrontal. I think it costs a little over $50.00 a month.

I ran out. Noticing that I’m out. Also noticing that a lot of terminally stupid people around me who are the very definition of history repeating itself could stand to be thumped with the Clue Bat. Repeatedly. Safe to say that I’m crankier without sarcosine. Could also use a shower, dammit.

Should have my resupply by Thursday. Got so friggin’ busy with the new jobs that I forgot to re-order.


what website did you order from? How much cost and how long did you ait to receiv

I ordered yesterday - Friday, and I haven’t received it yet. The last batch I ordered came pretty quickly. I ordered from BrainVitaminz, that advertises from the top of this page. Including shipping, it costs $30.99 for 180 grams. I take two grams a day.

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