I just made the best sandwich

Pretty proud of it for being just a sandwich. I usually just slap meat and cheese on bread.

12 grain bread, mayo, Dijon mustard, smoked peppercorn turkey, pepper jack cheese, organic spring mix, organic Roma tomato, organic avocado, little bit of pepper.


Minus the avocado, it looks good to me :slight_smile: I’m just not an avocado fan

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I used to not be, I’ve come around to them in the past couple of years. Texture used to bother me. Not really sure what changed in me about that

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That sounds perfect

Looks lovely 1444444

looks tasty =3 151515

Yeah, I don’t like the texture either

That’s a great looking sandwich :sandwich: !

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Now that’s a sandwich! :sandwich:


Better than subways. Looks delicious!

The best sandwich is butter, peanut butter and sour cream and onion chips.


Wow yummy sandwich

Making great food is a very goal or ambition.

Looks good @Owl82!

That sandwich is breath taking :slightly_smiling_face:

That looks pretty decent for a sandwich

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Hi Mae. I’m really happy. I’ve found a 15 calorie rice that really fills me up so. Can limit how much I eat. Have you tried it?

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Hey Star,

That sounds good.

What’s it made of?

I’m doing okay with my eating i’d rather not add this rice,

But I’m happy it works for ya…

It’s made of Shirataki Aziz said he used it. I’m glad your doing well with eating.

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Who needs a restaurant?

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