I joined a fb none drinking group

I’m going to engage tomorrow as this will be my first day not drinking. I really want to stop drinking alcohol. Hopefully the fb group helps with their support and its worldwide so might actually be recommended a therapist which I want and need.


I never had a problem with alcohol just weed. I know this idea is contrary to AA but it’s true. My body processes alcohol so fast I get sick. If I drank very slow it would be better. All the times I used cocaine I was stoned on pot so bad I didn’t notice the coke. I regret taking what passed for acid, it made me mindless still today sometimes. You might get something out of AA literature if you can’t make a meeting.

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Did you go to AA?


No I had no confidence. I was ready to go but didnt go.

I’m killing myself drinking.

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90% of the things I do in life, I do without confidence.


Congratulations sounds good, hopefully

All good, do whatever you need @bobbilly to build a better, stronger you. :grinning:

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