I honestly have nothing to do but stare at the computer screen and the wall

I cant concentrate on anything not even what i write i just forget it all.

i have no focus or concentration. im just a zombie


Same h3re bro.

I cant ride a motorbike.
Due to it… lifes a bitch…


You recently had a medication adjustment haven’t you


Practicing short-timed meditation helped lot with my focus. Just 15-20 minutes each time, breath in and out slowly and peacefully and then count it. usualy when I count to 200 in-and out, the time just passed by around 20 minutes. each time when you count your breath in-out, you will find the paces of your breath are diffrent everyday. It changes naturally with your progress of meditation.

I personally hold this opinion that when a human get serious illness such as Sz, he/she have to learn to be patient enough to practice something difficult like meditation or Tai Chi. God only saves those who have patience to help themselves.


Yes i did have one i just changed the mood stabilizer. i dont even think ive got a mood problem ffs.

@green5 i have tried meditation once and i couldnt sit still

Maybe you need to try a new antipsychotics? I have tried 5 diffferent meds.

Isn’t that wonderful? :crazy_face:


Do you have a window to open? If so open it. See if there’s anything out there you’d want to walk and walk to it if you can. If not see if the Sun is out. Watch the sunrises and sunsets. Those things are things you can do for free.


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if you stare at something this is meditation. do it with mindfulness and awareness.


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