I have no focus and no desire to do anything i love anymore

I can hardly focus, my delusions seem to be getting worse and i have no desire to do anything except look up ways to get better. Can anyone help me?

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Do you take meds?

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Feel the same here. Unmotivated as f

What I would like to know if it’s from sza or from meds since they stop the dopamine flow which gives you motivation and other things

Its tough.i dont want to get outvof bed a lot of days but i do. I dont even take naps anymore.

Which medication are you on?

You need to find the right medication combination with supplements and vitamins and good diet to say the least


Here are some things I do to feel better: watch a movie all the way through without stopping, go out to a show or event or party and finish it without bailing out, eating healthy, learn new hair braids and dress up ideas on Pinterest and wearing them out, volunteering, going on a hike, cooking and caring for myself, going to support group, waking up bright and early every day,
I’m working towards moving out from my parents place and working part time. This might help. Get your life in order, live in a healthy manner, get out of the house! Just bring your computer to the library and watch YouTube videos there. Being outside naturally pushes me to do more. Since getting sick I’ve rarely spent a day without going out or doing something simply because I’m prone to resting and wasting away the time. Just ideas… I could use some new ideas on ways to improve too…

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Welcome to da club brah. Isnt it nice to be free of desires?

Look to things you once enjoyed and keep looking for new interests even if they aren’t earthshaking.

I hope you make your way to level turf. Looking for solutions is not such a bad thing to be doing. Do you get some good relaxation anytime during the day, time when you are semi-meditating? You might try media dartmouth edu and look for the healthed sections and progressive muscle relaxation. If you like it, play it several times in the course of a week. It can’t hurt! I hope you find some peace of mind sooner rather than later.